Swillington Organic Farm: This Green Moon Easter Event

What better way to spend Easter day with child than going on an Easter adventure? After much research online of all the tens of events going on in the area, we settled on Swillington Organic farm. Only down the road from us, and close to the M1, Swillington Organic Farm seemed a bargain at £7 per person, complete with a hot chocolate and a marshmallow to toast, and a promised “organic treat” for solving the mystery! Swillington Organic Farm is only approximately 5 miles from our home, and we never knew it was there, so thought this was definitely worth a go!

Swillington Organic Farm is 160 acres and forms part of the Swillington Park Estate. Home to free range and organic animals, Swillington Farm boasts a variety of habitats from woodlands, to marshes to ponds. Only 5 miles from Leeds, and accessible by foot care and train. This Green Moon is right in the heart of an ancient woodland at the farm. A place where adventures take place and a place that can be booked out for Children’s parties and other events!

The advertisement for the event promised “a brilliant day of outdoor fun for all the family. Storytelling, music, crafts and adventure with fine Yorkshire food and a licensed bar”, perfect for child, me and the bar for the other half! Apart from that we didn’t really know what to expect as all we were really told was to ” collect your investigation kit and search high and low for the mysterious carrots of gold. Join the trail, uncover the secrets and solve the puzzle”.

So there it was, we booked our tickets about a week in advance, stuffed our faces with Easter eggs then got on our wellies ready to start our adventure!

So after a short drive down a narrow, dirt track and some time wandering whether we were at the right place, we were greeted by a nice chap, who confirmed that, in fact we were. We parked up and walked up a small track to the “check in” area.

Here we were greeted by another lovely lady, who was sure we had been before. To be honest judging by the staff at the farm, I believe that if we went back- we would be remembered. So after confirming we had paid, we received our pack, which included a journal, a magnifying glass, a pen and a stick on moustache. Sadly the Pug refused to wear this but we took one anyway.

So off we went on our quest to find the Golden Carrots. The journal was filled with clues and different type of activities, some drawing, some finding the letters and some were to look for words or numbers. We were to search for golden carrots in the forest, all numbered and all pointing to the answers. The first ones were relatively easy to find, and saw us drawing mythical creatures and filling in the first missing letters to solve the riddle.



After some hunting and getting VERY muddy, we arrived at the main arena area. This had various tents dotted around, a pizza stall, bar, some entertainment areas and some further clues. We decided to take this opportunity to take a break and got our free child’s drink, and sat listening to some chap on the guitar singing songs about the noises of animals.

After a short break we continued on our quest- and it got trickier. The next few clues required assistance from staff and other members of the public who were attending, but soon enough we were back on track and back finding the carrots of gold. The final clues took us further into the forest, walking planks to ring bells, finding castles in the sky, using binoculars to look across fields and shouting into a megaphone.



But we did it! We solved the mystery of the carrots and were directed back to the guitar playing man. After a few more songs, he took us down the path to a bunny rabbit, who thanked us for helping her and gave us all some golden carrot seeds to take home.


Back at camp, covered in mud we decided to participate in some of the activities knocking around. We took part in the arts and crafts, where we made a sock grass head, and finished off toasting marshmallows on the campfire.


Muddy, tired and all detectived out we wandered back to the car, talking about the adventures of the day. On route back to the car, we stumbled across a grade 2 listed building, with a sign stating that it will be knocked down to make room for the HS2 Rail, such a shame as the area really is beautiful.

Would I return here again? Most definitely. This event was much better planned than I had expected for a local farm, and the thought and effort put into the event was outstanding. The staff at all areas were friendly and happy to help at any time. The experience was truly magical, and one that was enjoyed by the whole family. I can not wait to see what other events This Green Moon brings out during the year and I am even considering contacting them regarding my sons birthday in August!

Pugs Rating: One Thousand Trillion Billion Billon out of Ten.

Price: £7pp.

Time Range: 1-3 hours.

You can find This Green Moon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Swillington Organic Farm Ltd
Registered/Trading Address
Garden Cottage
Coach Road
Leeds LS26 8QA
Tel: 0113 2869129

Email: info@swillingtonorganicfarm.co.uk

Website: http://swillingtonorganicfarm.co.uk/thisgreenmoon/


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