As a mother who enjoys taking my son on various days out, it seemed appropriate to start a blog. Not only did I want to be able to share things to do with children, both in the area and out of the area, but I thought it would be something nice to look back on in the future.

We have had many trips in the past, but have decided to start this site fresh, after all, things are better written fresh from the mind.

As a lover of craft beer, my other half decided to start his own blog on his beer adventures, and this inspired me to start my own.

So who am I and why playtimewithpugs? I am a 30 year old from Leeds. As a nurse I am very busy with my career, but enjoy spending time with my son when I have free days, and he is not at school. We enjoy arts and crafts, baking and of course…days out! Before my son was born, he was refered to as “pugs” or “puggle”, this name has stuck to almost six years later, and my son often responds to this rather than his own name!

I hope my blog posts can inspire some of you for trips out with young ones.

Check out events in and around Leeds on http://playtimewithpugs.com/events/